The Natural Health Consulting course examines the role of a Natural how to start a introduction paragraph for an essay Heath Consultant and focuses on applying the knowledge obtained from the Natural Health & Nutrition Course (NHN) to practical lifestyle situations.


The course objective is to show how you can help others to help themselves by offering practical assignments that pinpoint problem areas so that you, the learner can offer guidelines for healthy living.


By the end of the course, students will be expected to/be able to:

Describe or recommend a healthy daily lifestyle program for people from all walks of life.
Know how to fill in an assessment form and conduct themselves in a health consultation.
Manage their time effectively.  
Outline healthy lifestyle guidelines for people from a broad spectrum and pinpoint specific factors that contribute to a life out of balance.
Understand how one’s lifestyle becomes unhealthy, how to correct those problems in easy to explain steps and include food demonstrations to help others make the transition to a healthier lifestyle. In the process understanding how to prevent degenerative and other diseases.


The content is broadly divided into two parts. In the first part, we concentrate on highlighting the role of a Natural Health Consultant focusing on time management, record keeping, research, marketing oneself, growing your business and managing your boundaries.

Having established the basic guidelines we then progress to the practical section in part two. Here we cover acid & alkaline balance, dealing with detoxification (raw & fasting), isolating factors that affect digestion, endocrine function, cancer, supplementation, refined carbohydrates, body-brushing, exercise, auto-immune diseases (HIV/Aids & ME guidelines) and natural health practices.


The course is taught via a combination of notes and practical assignments by distance-learning. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to take an active role by critically evaluating the material covered and by linking it to their own experience and to material covered in other courses.


This is a distance-education course designed for those who do not have the time to spend several nights each week attending lectures. The course is also constructed in such a way that students, working at home, may quickly proceed from the necessary basics of nutritional science to more practical applications. The material is clear and comprehensive, making full use of the latest nutritional information, Study Notes, Bibliography, and includes email support and web based updates.
An extensive A-Z database is made available as well as 500+ recipes for cookery demonstrations and includes guidelines to run cookery classes.


A list of suggested reading and suggested text books is provided and it is recommended that you have access to the internet to keep up-to-date with the latest in nutrition and health. Recommended websites links are also made available to the students as well as a comprehensive A – Z database on a CD which is only available to consultants who have registered for this course.


Each student is given a set of CD’s and DVD’s covering various different key nutritional topics. These are usually recorded live all include valuable feedback from the audience. The 5 steps to Vibrant Health and A day with Mary-Ann DVD’s are included for you to use to help you with cookery lessons and teaching the basic 5 steps. You may order these for resale to your clients or show them the DVD’s at support groups.


Each assignment is linked to one of 14 lessons in The Natural Health & Nutrition Course (NHN). A further 3 assignments on other Natural health practices are required in which you do your own research. The assignments require practical involvement from volunteers for which you may not receive payment. There is no mark awarded for these assignments however they must be fully completed and handed back with possible suggestions to include in future consultations.


All successful candidates will receive a Certificate, issued by The Academy for Natural Health and Wellness on completion of all 15 assignments. If you choose to you can be listed on our website ( as a natural health consultant or coach.


Completion and 80% pass mark for The Natural Health & Nutrition Course (NHN)


This course can be commenced at any time during the year. (Although you have 2 years to complete the course)


Successful lifestyle consultants/coaches can earn a decent income working weekday mornings only. It can take 3-6 months to build to this level depending on your personality and circle of influence. The assignments will help you build your client base. If you work longer hours to include Cookery Classes, AIM, Mary-Ann’s and related products, your earning potential could be considerably higher.


  • Consultant Training Course Manual
  • Cookery School Module
  • MRC Food Composition Table
  • Supplementary Information CD
  • 13 CD/DVD’s various topics by Mary-Ann
  • A3 Food combination chart
  • Health Assessment Form masters

Materials will be posted to your address.